Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July FUN!!!

Uncle Scott and the girls walking around in the grass and dirt. Charlie Mae ended up with dirt all over her legs, hands and arms and Maryam ended up with dirt on her pants, hands and face!! The definitely looked like they had fun!
Maryam putting dirt and sticks in her mouth....Thanks Daddy and Uncle Scott! Speaking of Uncle Scott, Maryam tried to say "uncle" and "Scott" several times. She didn't put the two words together, but she definitely tried to say each word. She said "unk" or "uk" and point at Scott and she said "cott" over and over again pointing at Scott. It was SUPER cute!
Dirt on Maryam's outside!
Cage wrestling! Our solution to letting all the grown-ups eat together...put them in the ring and let them settle it themselves. They didn't fight once, we were all pretty excited about that! Daddy and Uncle Scott gave them "Gladiator names," Chaos (Charlie) and Mayhem (Maryam).

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