Sunday, June 1, 2008

Save the drama for your Mama

Here is Maryam playing the maraccas.
And Maryam all hard core playing the drums on her back....such a little rock star!!!

I haven't posted a blog entry since Thursday; I have some stories to tell. Thursday night Maryam was awake from 3am until 6:30am! The first half hour to an hour she was upset and wanted to go back to sleep. For some reason she just kept fighting it! The next two hours or so she spent partying like the little baby rock star that she is! She played with every toy she came across. She crawled all over the whole house just burning up energy. FINALLY at about 6 I could tell she was starting to wind down. I cradled her in my arms and about a half hour later she was asleep. Hooray for Mommy! One good thing that came out of her being awake so long was I got to catch up on Lost. I didn't get to watch the season finale earlier in the night, so I took the opportunity! What I didn't mention was that Tuesday night she was up for an hour and a half and Wednesday she was up for 2 and a half hours, by the time Thursday night rolled around I was EXHAUSTED!!!!!!
Friday morning Maryam woke up REALLY grumpy and had a slight fever. (Probably due to exhaustion!!!) We headed to Lake Elsinore to pick up Daddy from Auntie Sarah and Uncle Scott's house. We all went to dinner at Chili's Grill and Bar before Sarah and I headed to Sex and the City Movie and the men watched the babies. It was a good movie and a good time. The daddies had the babies asleep before we got home, it was GREAT!
Saturday morning started out wonderful for me! Maryam woke up at 8am and Daddy got up with her allowing me to go back to sleep! I slept until about 8:45 when I got up, changed and started packing up all of our stuff. I grab Sleepy Time Bear and a blanket out of Maryam's port-a-crib when I see her button laying there. That's when the morning took a terrible turn for me! Uh oh! I yell to Brett, "Have you fed Maryam yet?" He replies, "NO!" That's when I shouted something back that I'm sure had lots of bad words in it and also included the fact that her button was laying here in the bed and NOT in her tummy anymore. Brett went out to the car to get the extra button that we fortunately take everywhere with us, and I ran to Maryam and tried to put the button back in. The balloon in the old button was obviously broken, but I wanted to see if we could even get it in. When Maryam had the surgery, we were told that the hole would close up after about 2 hours. We had NO idea how long the button had been out! It could have come out the night before or it could have come out when Brett picked her up that morning. Sarah held Maryam down while I tried to push the button in the hole, it wouldn't go in. All I got was resistance and blood.
That's when I started crying! I totally lost it. I had visions of the ER, surgeons, anesthesiologists, her GI doctor, "riding the vent", Maryam going back to not putting anything in her name it. That's when Brett walked in, handed me a syringe and told me to put saline in it to fill the balloon. He worked the new button into Maryam's tummy, Sarah continued to hold Maryam down, Maryam cried some, I came back with the syringe and Brett filled the balloon up and handed Maryam to me. She pretty much stopped crying at that point and wanted to play with Charlie again. Man, am I glad that it went as smoothly as it did.
After that we headed to Orange County to visit Brett's mom who is there house/dog sitting. We had lunch and then did some shopping.
Saturday night Maryam was awake from 2am to 5:30am, it was HORRIBLE! I had her for the first hour. I would get her to sleep for like 15 minutes and then she was awake again. But Daddy was home, so he got her from 3 until 5 when I came out and managed to rock her back to sleep. Daddy said the 2 hours he had her she was playing and having a great time. WHY? Why can't she just have a good time while the sun is up? Why does she have to wake up for playtime? I'm starting to wonder if she is having bad dreams or trouble breathing at night. I'm definitely going to ask about her sleeping problems at Preemie Follow Up on Tuesday.
Today she had a whole half hour nap. Maybe because of being up so many hours last night and not napping today she'll sleep all the way through the night. Wish us luck!
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