Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Road Trip to Yellowstone

In front of Old Faithful.

In front of a herd of Bison.
So we left Thursday night for Yellowstone! We stayed Thursday night in a small town called Beaver, UT. Friday morning we woke up early and made our way into West. Yellowstone, MT where we stayed in a cute little cabin at a place called Hibernation Station.
Friday afternoon we headed into the park and our 7th state in 24 hours! Almost immediately after entering the park we saw several bison. It was so neat, they were all over and along side the road! We made our way towards Old Faithful and on the way saw a Bald Eagle's nest, more bison & 5 wolves! We ate dinner at Old Faithful and shortly after 9:40pm (the estimated time of eruption was "9:33 give or take 10 minutes") the geyser erupted. It was really neat, way larger than I had imagined it and definitely louder than I thought it would be! Maryam was sure impressed. She kept pointing and saying "oooh."
Saturday morning, again bright and early, we headed back into the park. We were there pretty much all day and saw tons of cool animals. We saw several herds of bison, a coyote, a male and female Bald Eagle, cow elk, 2 bull elk (later we saw a whole heard of elk), trumpeter swans, prong horns and a black bear.
The highest elevation marker I saw was 8900 ft. at one point when we crossed the continental divide. Maryam required oxygen the whole time we were gone. We were over 6000 ft higher than we usually are and the thinner air was definitely noticeable, especially to asthmatic Brett and lung disease ridden Maryam.
Sunday we got up and headed back to Utah, which by the way, is a BEAUTIFUL state. We stayed in a small town called Delta, UT. And wow, "they're" not kidding! NOTHING is open on Sundays in Utah! We ended up having a family dinner at McDonalds where we were eventually kicked out of because they were closing up! Monday morning the brood woke up and headed out to dig trilobites at a little place in the country. Maryam and I stayed in the motel room because it was going to be over 100 degrees outside and she isn't very good at digging. After the digging, we headed back home!
Maryam did really well on the whole trip. She looked at the animals when we pointed them out. She pointed some out to us and got really excited when she saw Old Faithful erupt. She went fishing with Daddy and the boys and got really dirty playing in the dirt.
She learned that "she's the baby." When we say, "who's the baby?" She points at herself and says, "baby." Its REALLY cute. And after reading the same 6 books to her hundreds of times, she's starting to get the sign for book!
Today it was back to the grind with PT. Her therapist heard Maryam say "ball" during a ball exercise. Maryam was holding a small medicine ball and trying to squat and stand and as she did it she kept saying, "ball." Oh and she's FINALLY starting to say Mommy instead of Mama. Its very sporadic, and its more of a mame-ey, but she's getting closer!
I'm going to try to upload a slide show of the whole trip. Enjoy the photos!
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Kez said...

awwww it sounds like she is coming along GREAT! she will be talking your ear right off in no time ;) looks like a great trip!

munkeesmama said...

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