Thursday, June 12, 2008

Feeling old!!!!!!!!

Mayda and Tyler.

Mayda and Austin.
OK, so Mayda's eldest son, Tyler, promoted today from jr. high school to high school. Normally this sort of event doesn't bother me AT ALL. But today I was the emotional equivalent of a pre-teen girl who's parents just said she couldn't date the boy of her choice. It was CRAZY! Just being in our old Jr. High gym made me emotional. I kept thinking about how Maryam is going to grow up one day. DUH! Of course she's going to grow up, she's a baby, she has no where else to go!
Of course it didn't help that Mayda was all emotional either. I was there the day Tyler was born, it seems insane that he could possibly be old enough to be starting high school in the fall. And to top it off, later in the day her youngest son, Austin, promoted from elementary school to jr. high school. For starters, I didn't even know that this particular event was celebrated, but it really got me thinking. Tyler will be graduating from high school in 4 years, just as Maryam will be starting elementary school! And Austin will be in the high school graduating class of 2014, 20 years after Mayda and I graduated...Chrissy too! Ladies, we're getting old!!!! Mayda and Maryam....the outfit is from Auntie Mayda.
Emotional tangent over.
Maryam's oxygen saturation isn't doing as well as it was a week ago. Today she's been sating around 95-96%. Not ideal, she has to stay over 95%, but we'd like her well over 95%. We gave her a dose of Lasix, as we were told to do, but it hasn't seemed to help. (I think that's a good thing, because that means there is no fluid build up!) She has an appointment with her pediatrician tomorrow, I'll see if she has any suggestions that might help us.
Brett and I noticed today that Maryam has started losing weight. We cut back 100 calories/day (which is practically unheard of in the preemie world) to see if it encourages Maryam to eat more food and drink more liquids orally. I think it has helped her want to put more into her mouth, she even dripped some pediasure into her mouth from her bottle today! But I wonder if the sudden weight loss could have affected her lungs. Her pants are getting too big for her! Today she was cruising and crawling around and her pants kept sliding off of her hiny.
I also wonder if the low oxygenation could be due to exhaustion. Maryam decided that sleep wasn't important last night and exchanged 4 precious hours of sleep for PLAY TIME! Seriously at 3:48am she was standing in her crib laughing and saying, "mama, mama, mama.....dada, dada, dada." She didn't go back to sleep until 6:30! Thankfully she slept in until 11am, so Brett got to make up some of his lost sleep. So far today she's only had a 25 minute nap. Raise your glasses's to hoping Maryam sleeps tonight, clink, clink, clink!
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