Monday, June 2, 2008

Bath time!!!

Daddy and Maryam after her bath. He's so proud of his little punkin!

I just had to take this picture so you all could see how curly Maryam's hair is when its wet! CRAZY! Oh and check out that BEAUTIFUL face! Don't you just wish that darn cannula didn't have to go back on? OH! I found a T-shirt on the internet that comes in pink and actually says, "Even Princesses can get Lung Disease." HOW CUTE IS THAT? We're going to buy it for her. And my friend's mom Mary found a shirt that has a little kids cowboy wearing a nasal cannula that reads, "The Cannula Kid." We're getting that one too! And yes, it too comes in pink.

And here is Maryam after I combed her hair. She was in a trance over her lotion bottle. Don't ask me why, but she couldn't stop stairing at it.
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