Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well, now that cold/flu season are officially over, we are back on the PT/OT schedule two times a week. Already Maryam has had 2 OT appointments and an EI appointment this week. Both OT appointments were in Palm Springs. She did SUPER well at her OT appointment! We were all impressed. Maryam put everything in her mouth that we gave to her! Anything that she could hold in her own hand she'd put into her mouth, it was GREAT! And she did it both days! I was so happy about this because I was worried that she'd go back to OT and do nothing. I didn't want her OT thinking we weren't working with her during the time we took off. But Maryam made me proud!
We have PT tomorrow and then again on Thursday. Our first day off from appointments will be on Friday! Hooray! Just in time to wind down for the weekend. I think I'm going to force the family to have an uneventful weekend. We've been on the go since last Thursday, I think it would be nice to do a whole bunch of nothing. I was just telling my FIL today about all the driving we've been doing since Thursday, its insane!
Thursday from The Deuce to Lake Elsinore 1 1/2 hours
Friday from Lake Elsinore to the SD Zoo round trip 3 hours
Saturday from Lake Elsinore to The Deuce 1 1/2 hours
Sunday from The Deuce to Disneyland round trip 4 hours
Monday from The Deuce to Palm Springs round trip 2 hours
Tuesday from The Deuce to Palm Springs round trip 2 hours.....That's A LOT of driving!
Cynthia, if you're reading this...I think you're right, its time for that hybrid now!

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