Friday, May 9, 2008

One photo from the "WORLD FAMOUS" San Diego Zoo

Today Brett and I took Maryam to the zoo with a WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE!!! As you can see Auntie Sarah, Uncle Scott and Charlie Mae were there! Also, we met up with Chad, Jenni and "The Presidents" as Brett likes to call them. "The Presidents" are their adorable sons Jackson Miller and Tyler Frank, fellow preemies from Maryam's NICU. And with them were Terry, Carrie, Colby and Gram. Carrie is Jenni's sister who also acted as their surrogate for the boys! How RAD is that? We all had a wonderful time hanging out together and getting reacquainted. The last time we saw Jenni and Chad was the day their boys were discharged from the NICU early last April. And Carrie and Terry were wonderful in blessing us with a visit at the NICU when Maryam went back in July for stomach surgery.
I'll post photos of everyone tomorrow when I get home.

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Mrs. Chrissy Farve said...

I'm totally jealous!