Saturday, May 10, 2008

Maryam putting food into her mouth

Here is Maryam at a BBQ on the base today. In the above photo she's putting my tri-tip sandwich into her own mouth!!! How amazing is that? She only swallowed a few crumbs, but she tasted it!
Here she's putting a cheeto in her mouth. She would put it in her mouth and suck all the flavor off and then she'd spit the rest of it out.
In this one Maryam put a chip into her mouth and bit down! Part of it stayed in her mouth long enough to dissolve and she had to swallow it!
In this one she's trying to put more in her mouth! It was fascinating. She wouldn't let me put anything in her mouth, she wanted to do it herself. She reached for my sanny so I gave it to her. Then I just started putting anything and everything on the tray of her stroller and she just kept tasting it all. It was GREAT! Another glimpse of normalcy....a baby with food all over her shirt and food in her stroller! I'm SO proud of her.
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