Monday, May 5, 2008

Maryam drinks formula from a bottle?

Yeah, so last night we were all sitting around watching Sarah feed Charlie Mae when Maryam crawled up to Auntie Sarah and tried to take the bottle. Auntie Sarah being nice gave it to her. And strangely, Maryam took a few swigs! OF FORMULA! FROM A BOTTLE!
I'm REALLY starting to think that Maryam wants to eat, but just doesn't know how. We've been told by her ST that Maryam's swallow is all wrong and because of that, she has difficulty getting anything down. So we have to figure out a way to teach her to swallow properly so that she can drink from the bottle, or cup or straw or whatever is suiting her fancy for the day.
Here is Maryam putting the bottle in her own mouth. Of course she wasn't doing it properly, but the important thing is she appears to want to put it in her mouth. AND she did try to drink from it.
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sharon said...

Maryam suck on that bottle. Granny Sharon is so proud of you. You know what? You are just like your Mommy. You will do things when you darn well what to. Thats not a bad thing. That just means you do it your way. You go girl.
Granny Sharon loves you and you keep up the good work. I love you sweetie.
Granny Sharon