Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To the doctor we go....

Maryam was running a fever all day yesterday and for parts of the day on Sunday. So, last night when she was up from 2am to 8am and still running a fever, we decided that she would see a doctor today. Sadly her doc is too busy today, so she shall see another one. I'm worried because I thought it was teething, but her fever is getting higher. AND, she has sores in her mouth. I remember her falling the other day, and she may have bit her tongue, but sores in her mouth and a fever, I just want her checked out to be sure.
My dad had strep last week. I'd hate for her to have gotten that.
I'll update later.


sharon said...

Maryam I said a pray for you today so you will be all better soon.
I know it is so hard for your mommy and daddy when you get sick.
You got to get better fast. your going to Disneyland soon.
Love you baby girl
Granny Sharon

Emily said...

Sounds like hand foot and mouth disease or the mouth-only disease related to that. I hope that's all it is and that it goes away soon.