Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This is what happens when a baby starts getting 3 teeth at one time. DROOL, DROOL, DROOL! Puddles and puddles and puddles of it!
Here is Maryam trying to show Mommy her teeth. Her two center bottom teeth are all the way in. Her top right K-9 is coming through and we can see it when she smiles. Her top middle teeth just started poking through last night.
So, now for what happens when you give a baby with a VERY sensitive gag reflex and a feeding aversion Cherry Flavored Orajel. 5 minutes of gagging, choking, turning purple, not breathing panicking anxiety. Poor little punkin does not like cherry flavored Orajel. We usually use the Highlands teething gel because its odorless and flavorless but the store was out of it. In this case, I think not using a gel is better than using Baby Orajel!
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