Sunday, April 13, 2008

Maryam's Baptism

Here is a photo of the actual baptism. Maryam only cried a little bit, and I think that was because the water was REALLY cold!

Howard and Sherrlyn stood in for God Parents Uncle JJ and Auntie Brande since they're still on the EAST COAST.

This is Pastor Bandt and Father Ian. Pastor Brandt married Brett and I back in 2003. We thought it would be nice for him to preside over Maryam's Baptism. So, he and his wife drove all the way down from Lone Pine to be part of the service. Yesterday was their 27th Wedding Anniversary.

Here are God Parents Uncle Scott and Auntie Sarah with Maryam after the ceremony.
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Anonymous said...

We are SO glad all went well today and Maryam had such a joyful day. Wish we could have been there, too..but thoughts and prayers were there! Blessings, Aunt Helen