Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nooks and Crannies

I never realized how "nooks and crannies" were so appealing to babies! Maryam will find the smallest hole and crawl through it. Mr. Bishop even found this one amazing! She crawled between the table and the rocking chair. Usually she crawls through the table, this time she didn't.
And then she used the table and rocking chair to pull herself up into a kneeling position. That's when I got nervous! I was afraid she'd lose her balance, fall down and hurt herself.
Here is Maryam in her new sea horse outfit from cousins Dan, Marcy, Aidan (her new bff) and Alasdair. It was funny, at the baptism, Maryam and Aidan were very interested in each other, but he wouldn't get close enough to get a photo of the two of them together! Next time Aidan!
Here is Daddy and Maryam playing with a ball. Brett put the ball to his lips and Maryam leaned in and did the same! It was really cute!

Maryam finally mastered a voluntary release! For the longest time I could get her to give me something and I'd give it back. But yesterday while her EI teacher was here, she showed off by putting toys in a bucket! Of course she wouldn't do it for me on Sunday, but first thing Monday morning she was ready to show off!
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