Friday, April 4, 2008

More teething fun

Here is a photo of Maryam and Daddy. She loves when he does this, which he does a lot. She doesn't seem to get tired of it. Its amazing how trusting babies are, she has every confidence in the world that Daddy has her.
Here is Maryam coming out from underneath Daddy's USC table. Earlier in the week you saw photos of Maryam crawling into the table, well, now she's learned to crawl all the way through it. Hooray for her!
The teething nightmare continues. These four teeth are hurting her so much. She can't sleep through the night because she keeps waking up from the pain. I feel terrible. And of course it gets worse at night, why is that?
Maryam did take a 2 hour nap today, which was nice. And she did GREAT with her Honey Bear cup! She's becoming more accepting of it and letting me put more water in her mouth at a time. I think the cold water must feel good on her gums, but hey, whatever works!
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Sonja said...

Awww poor baby. Teething is such a pain. I was blessed with both my children now 17 and 19 years old. They never had any teething issues.

I do have a little note though. I have had some dental issues with a cracked tooth and due to illness right now I can't have it pulled, however..... my mother told me to rub some cinnamon on the gum..... Believe it or not, It WORKS! Thank God.... I was misserable. You may want to check with her doctor to see if it would be ok to try. Anything to make that cute little one more comfortable.

I am new to your blog but have enjoyed learning about your little miracle. Thank you for sharing