Monday, April 28, 2008

Maryam's first trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park

Family photo.
Maryam playing with the camera instead of looking at the giraffes.
Daddy and Maryam.

Mommy and her little monkey looking at the gorilla statue.

So, this will sound odd, but hey, I'm an odd person. We went out to dinner on Saturday night (GREAT story there!), but before we went we had to go to the Disney store to exchange some Capri's we bought Maryam for her first trip to Disneyland. (We're going on Thursday) Anyhow, we were walking through the mall when Brett reminded me that we still had a GAP gift card that we received as a gift at Maryam's shower. (That was April 1, 2006!) One of Maryam's NICU nurses named Valerie gave it to us. So, we went in and I saw this outfit. It has pink and brown giraffes on it! So I said, this would be great for the zoo or wild animal park. So, the outfit inspired our trip. We bought the outfit and headed to the wild animal park the next day! Thanks Valerie!

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