Monday, April 7, 2008

Maryam wearing a headband

It had to happen sooner than later....a headband. The dress was a gift from Auntie Sarah for Easter and the headband is from Auntie Brande just because. In my defense on the ban on headbands... Maryam has hair now, so its not as bad. I didn't want to put one on her when she was bald just so people could tell she's was a little girl.

Here is Mr. Bishop, Maryam and Momom. Maryam has been standing up on her own. She can't stand unassisted, but she can pull herself up with no problems. Its crazy to think that just a month ago she could barely pull herself into a sitting position! Now she's crawling and standing! Oh and yesterday she learned to go from a crawling position on to her knees and back into a sitting position. Before yesterday to transition from crawling to sitting she had to roll onto her back and then pull herself into a sitting position! So watching her learn to do that was amazing.
The teething continues! We've had multiple nights of getting up for 2 or 3 hours to calm and sooth our poor little baby. Good news though! Auntie Sarah found the Hylands teething gel! Hooray for Auntie Sarah!!!!! Its the most miraculous stuff on the market. Maryam lets us put it in her mouth without retching or panicking. We LOVE it.
And good news for Honey Bear cup! Maryam is starting to drink from it more confidently. If she gets too much water in her mouth she spits it all over herself and Mommy. So I have to learn how to control the volume better.
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chrissy said...

I knew her day would come!