Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Maryam helping Daddy baby proof the kitchen

Now that Maryam is crawling and getting into stuff, we have to make the house "baby proof." So, Daddy decided today would be the day, and Maryam decided that she needed to help!

As soon as she heard the drill start, Maryam high tailed it into the kitchen to see what the new noise was! Once she discovered the drill, she decided that she wanted to play with it too.

So, she took the drill away from Daddy. Daddy's smart though, he took the drill bit out before she got the chance to take it from him.

Aren't they just so cute?
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Andrea and Mark Timmons said...

What adorable pictures!! I remember the baby proofing days but we soon discovered that as much as we were baby proofing, we were also adult proofing!! I am so happy for you and Brett. I know that you guys have had your struggles with Precious Maryam but the love and devotion that you have for each other has helped turn this potentially stressful situation into a wonderful little family. Best wishes and hugs to you all.

Mark and Andrea Timmons