Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brett's First Wedding Cake!!!

I know that this blog was designed for me to update all of you on the development and day-to-day activity of Maryam, BUT, I just had to show off Brett's first wedding cake. I'm so proud of my Bretty Crocker!
Our friends Jessica and Jarrod asked Brett if he would do the honors of baking and decorating their wedding cake and Brett, of course, said yes. He did a beautiful job. The bottom layer was white chocolate with raspberry filling. The middle layer was German chocolate with traditional German chocolate filling. The top layer was made specifically for the bride and groom and was chocolate with fudge chocolate filling. ALL done from scratch! And not only did it look beautiful, but it was SUPER tasty! He got so many compliments on how yummy it was. Jessica's friend Joanne made the cake topper, isn't it pretty?
And here is the happy couple! Jessica and Jarrod! Congratulations guys! GREAT wedding!
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