Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another day in the life of Maryam

So, we woke up at O Dark Thirty and headed down the hill to Fontana. Or as some "locals" call it, FUN-Tucky! We had an appointment with my favorite of Maryam's doctors (yeah right) Dr. H, the GI doc. We discussed the feeding clinic and he is a sceptic! I gave him all the information that Dr. Patel gave me and he just can't believe that 5 days would be any help. I tried to explain it and he pretended to listen. At the end of our visit he agreed that he would do all that he can to help us get Kaiser to approve it.
After our appointment in Fontana we headed to Ontario to go to Babies R Us. We had to get Maryam a new bathtub because she has outgrown hers. After that we went to a party store to buy plates and napkins for her Baptism party. Next we headed down to Riverside to see her new speech therapist Anne. I LOVE HER! She is so wonderful! Its amazing how much more I respect the doctors and therapists that actually listen to me when I speak. She is one of these people! We did some experimenting with pudding and apple sauce. And she did some experimenting with what looked like a vibrating Nuk brush. Maryam seemed to really like it! The only thing is, I can't tell if she likes it because she wants the oral stimulation or because she's teething. Anne wants to see Maryam at least once a week to help her with a new approach to feeding. (By the way, if any of you are keeping count, she is currently cutting 4 teeth now, ALL ON TOP.)
After Riverside we headed on back up to The Deuce. Maryam didn't sleep at all the whole way back up! So, by the time we were about 45 minutes away we started getting a little bit of a cry. I thought she'd sleep when we got home, but nope. We got home and she went on a rampage all across the living room! She went to every corner of the room looking for everything and anything that wasn't a toy. The above photos are of Maryam playing with Corning Ware. Crazy baby. She even had enough energy to perform a piano recital with Grandma.
We went over to Momom and Popop's house for dinner and to say bye to Uncle JJ. She did the same thing over there! She just started cruising around and climbing on everyone and everything! BUT at 10:00 she finally crashed out. Last night was the first night in 3 nights that she slept all the way through the night. But I think that is because she didn't have any naps yesterday and she stayed up until 11:00. I figure she'll sleep all night tonight because she got up at 6:45 and only had one nap today before finally going to bed at 10:00, at least I hope she does! ;)
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