Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Playing catch-up, photos to follow later

Happy Belated Easter everyone! Sunday was a wonderful day. We spent the day with some family, participated in a grown-up Easter Egg hunt and watched Maryam take everything out of her basket. We had Maryam in a real pretty dress that her Auntie Brande sent to her a while back.
Monday we had to head to San Diego for her (cross your fingers and knock on wood) last Synagis shot for the season. Brett actually took her to the appointment while I went shopping with my friend Jennifer for the supplies to make Maryam's baptism gown. The base of the material was taken from the shaw of my wedding dress, I'm so excited about it!!!
Tuesday Sarah and I took Charlie and Maryam to the zoo. We had SO much fun! Maryam in all of her monkey madness has been saying "oh oh oh" ever since. When we got home from the zoo I was feeding Maryam, I sat her down so I could go to the bathroom when Charlie Mae decided she wanted to play with Maryam's syringe and pulled on it. The button got pulled out of Maryam's tummy. The good news is, the balloon wasn't fully inflated so Maryam barely cried. The curious part is why wasn't the balloon fully inflated? Strange.
Today Maryam had a Barium Swallow in Riverside. A Speech therapist administered the barium in hopes that her "expertise" would help with Maryam's refusal to let anyone put anything in her mouth. Well, it took about 45 mls of barium to get 2 good swallows. She ended up using a 60 ml needle tip syringe and put it near the back of her throat on the side of her tongue and it sort of forced Maryam to swallow. Of course the rest of it stained her shirt. The good news is there is "nothing physically wrong with the way she swallows." Maryam isn't aspirating. (inhaling fluid) Hooray!!!
We've been in Elsinore at Sarah and Scott's house since Sunday, we'll probably go home tomorrow night. I'll be able to post photos once I'm back on our computer.

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Anonymous said...

My, you guys have been really busy! Can't wait to see the Easter pictures. Hope all is well, love, Marietta