Friday, March 7, 2008

Maryam's favorite thing and least favorite thing

I often wonder how Maryam is going to respond to being cannula free. Right now the tubing for her nasal cannula is her favorite toy! Almost like a "security blanket" of some sort. Even in her sleep I find her tube in her hand, its part of her and its always there to play with.
Well, bananas were not a hit yesterday. Which is strange because just 2 days ago she did wonderfully with them. Well, by wonderfully I mean that she actually swallowed what little bit she let me get into her mouth. Yesterday she spit everything out. Talk about frustrating. Just when I thought I started finding tastes that she likes, the next day she doesn't like them anymore. Weird. Oh and I totally tricked her yesterday to put a Gerber nibble stick thing in her mouth. I think she thought it was a pretzel but I totally went along with it. However, once she put it in her mouth and didn't taste the salt, she dropped it on her tray. The good news is she put it in her mouth!
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