Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Definitely feeling better!

Maryam and I took Mr. Bishop for a walk today with Granny Sharon and Courtney. As usual Maryam was hanging out of the stroller trying to pet or grab Mr. Bishop.
I know Maryam's feeling better because she's been rolling around on the floor and trying to crawl towards her toys. She's been here, there and everywhere today. (all within the confines of the living room) She's really been on the move. I can tell that she's trying hard to get mobile. She gets tired really quick and I think that it gets her a little frustrated, she seems to call it quits early when she's tired. When she starts breathing hard I just bump up her oxygen for a few minutes and then she's fine again. Its times like those though that make me see just how much she still needs it.
Maryam slept well last night. She was down by about 7pm and then woke up at 3am thinking that it was time to have a party in her crib. I was starting to think she was expecting a disco ball and music from the amount of crib dancing she was doing. But by about 4:30 she was tired again. She went back to sleep until almost 10:30 this morning. Nice break for Mommy, but I wonder how late she's going to stay up tonight.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, So glad she is feeling better. I still have Adrianna sick, she is taking a nap, which she never does, so she must feel really bad. I love the pink car seat. Why do you still want her facing backwards? She certainly is growing and getting cuter all the time. Maybe it is a good idea to keep her home until this flu season is over. Chad is really sick with the flu too. His whole office came down with it. Well, love to all, Marietta