Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pneumonia :(

Maryam and Elmo....love, love, love.

A Doggie/Baby stare down.
Great Grams and Baby love.

All these photos were taken yesterday, before Maryam got sick. Well, really I don't know about that. My gut feeling is that Maryam never got better from her last infection. A few weeks ago we took Maryam to the doctor because she was coughing and had a fever. Her doctor said it was an ear infection, gave us some anti-biotics and sent us on our merry way. She also told us that Maryam's fever would break with in 24 hours of getting the drugs. Maryam's fever didn't break until closer to 48 hours and the ear infection didn't explain the cough. When I asked about it her doc said that it could just be her retching, it's hard to tell the difference.
Well, there is a noticable difference this time! And I'm pretty sure pneumonia doesn't appear out of the blue. Maryam was given a stronger anti-biotic this time and a chest x-ray. The x-ray shows pneumonia in her right side lung. What a bummer. Her doc did the x-ray just to be "safe" when she didn't hear anything in her lungs. Thank God she did though! Or it could have gone untreated. She also did a RSV swab on poor Maryam. That is one of the most invasive tests I've ever seen! I'm so glad I never saw them do it in the NICU or I would have probably been sick. (There was an RSV break-out in our NICU while we were there, she didn't catch it.) So, now we wait. Pray that she has a speedy recovery and no hospitalizations!
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