Monday, February 18, 2008

Maryam in green

These pictures are for all you people out there who always ask, "why is Maryam always in pink?" Well, here it is! Proof that she doesn't ALWAYS WEAR PINK! Actually, I got this outfit at Khols for $2.70! Can't beat that, can you?

Oh and I forgot to tell you last week. Maryam moved up a diaper size! We bought Pampers Cruisers size 3 last week. She's getting so big! I'm so proud of her. Now if only we can get her to gain weight by taking in her food orally. We're still working on it. Our daily struggles with feeding haven't subsided yet, but I think we're making progress. She's letting me put a bottle in her mouth, but only if there is water in it. She still won't actually suck on the bottle, but she's munching on it and has learned a technique to get water out without having to actually suck on it. Baby steps, right?
I have to schedule an apt. to have her stitch removed tomorrow. I'm going to have her pedi do her pneumonia follow up at the same time. I don't want to have to go back again if we don't have to. Maryam had a bloody nose again this morning, so we took her cannula off and cleaned her all out. That's why her O2 is off in the photos. Other than that, all is well.

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Sarah said...

What a face! So cute! bjjknknkvh hk/'
Charlie Mae says hi too!