Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Maryam did a "Navy/Marine Corps" crawl!

The blanket Maryam's Momom embroidered for her.
Maryam in her Big Girl jammies that Great Auntie Karen and Great Uncle Tonce got for her.
I'm having a really hard time finding 12 month jammies that have feet and button up the front. I can't use a zipper because I have to be able to access her Mic-Key button.
This picture cracks me up, she is always so surprised to see her own belly.
Now that Maryam is feeling better again she'll be going back to OT. Tomorrow will be her first session in 2 weeks. And boy does it show! However, she was really good with the bottle today. She chewed on it for about an hour this evening and took in about 10 to 15mls of water.
AND, she tummy crawled today! 7 TIMES! Always after the Einstein toy in the photos above. But hey, whatever motivates her, right? She was so cute, she would put her head down and do a sort of "inch worm" move and she'd go a few inches at a time. She sure is a sweetie.
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Video of her trying to crawl.

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Sarah said...

Way to go, Maryam!