Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Maryam and Charlie playing together

Maryam and Charlie playing in a play pin watching Baby Einstein.
Maryam and Charlie playing with Smokey...notice he's licking Maryam's foot.
Tomorrow we leave Lake Elsinore and head to Fontana to see the GI doc. Maryam's OT apt. in Palm Springs was canceled and we managed to squeeze a Physical Therapy appointment in its place. I have a list of questions for the GI doc ready to go. I wrote them all down so I wouldn't forget any of them. I decided that I'm going to get a notebook to take with me to her therapy appointments and her doc appointments so I can keep track of what they all say. With so many appointments all the time, its hard to remember it all. I keep a calendar so I can remember to order medical equipment and food and I also use it for keeping tack of appointments and keeping track of when I need to schedule appointments, but I think the notebook will help me keep track of time lines and medical advice. On Monday the pulmonologist gave us a 3 month plan, I want to write it all down, so next month I can look at it and remember what the goals are.
The girls had fun playing together today. Charlie crawled all over Maryam and Maryam just sort of watched her do it. Maryam is getting much better though, she's really trying hard. I really think she just gets tired fast. Its almost like she gets out of breath and decides she's had enough. And Maryam started doing this head shaking thing. She does it while either sitting or laying down, but she shakes her head quickly from side to side for a few seconds. At first I thought it was kind of cute, but now I'm starting to worry. I know as a mother of a preemie I've been warned of developmental delays and have had a list of "risks" shoved down my throat, so I often wonder if I'm "looking" for something to be wrong with her, but this just doesn't seem right. I guess if it continues I'll email the neonatologist in charge of the preemie follow-up-clinic to see what she thinks.
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Sarah said...


copy this link and watch the video attached. If her head shaking is anything like this I have been assured by OT, PT, and a few doctors that it's pretty normal, even if they begin to bang their heads repeatedly. What isn't normal is if they are doing it so much they lose their hair. Let me know if it's similar.

Maryam's Mommy said...

Yeah, that's pretty much it. However, I think Emery shakes his head a longer amount of time and Maryam does it faster. Glad to hear its nothing. Thanks a bunch! And have I told you lately just how cute Emery is? ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

How cute are the cousins. Charlie Mae is changing so much, she is so adorable. I love the pictures of the two of them. When I was taking care of Mom & Dad I kept a journal and it sure helped. I could go to the various doctors and tell what the other doctors said and change of medicines, etc. The docs loved me, I wish I kept one on myself. Just to lazy I guess. It's hard to keep everything in your head, this way you won't miss anything. Glad you have lots of questions for the docs, you are so good at caring for our Angel. Hope all is well, love to you and the family. Marietta

Maryam's Mommy said...

Thanks Marietta, too bad I didn't think of it a year ago! Dang it! Oh well, I started today and I'm already happy that I did.