Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tummy Button drama!

Mommy made a boo-boo today. Maryam fell asleep in my arms. I waited until she was sleeping soundly when I went to put her in the co-sleeper. She had just finished a feeding, so she still had her feeding tube in, attached to her 60 mls syringe. Everything was normal. BUT, when I went to put her in the bed, her tube some how became attached to me. Consequently, when I laid her down her Mic-Key button yanked out. The button was still fully inflated, so she woke up screaming, because it hurt her. The hole it came out of is less than half the size of the fully inflated balloon that is used to keep it in. Thankfully my husband and I both reacted calmly and quickly. I went and found our extra button, Brett wiped up her tummy, then he deflated the balloon. We cleaned her up, inserted the button, refilled it and sucked food in and out of her tube.
I called her neonatologist, Dr. Sebald and told him what happened. I explained that she wasn't in any pain, she didn't have any sensitivity around her g-tube spot, we were able to get food in and out of the tube, and she was already active and calm. He jokingly asked why I was calling then! And I said to find out if we need to have her be seen. He replied that he didn't think it was unreasonable for her to be seen by the pediatrician on Monday. And then warned us of the symptoms that would require us going to the ER.
All is well so far! Just a little stressful for Mommy and Daddy, but honestly, we had her as good as new in as little as 5 minutes! Hooray for us! So, to all your mommies of babies with g-tubes, make sure you always have a few extra buttons on you. We keep one in the car and one in the Amex, don't leave home without it.

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Anonymous said...

oh yes the many times I have done the same thing with Tristans mic-key. We have actually not had to use his for bouls feedings in the last 3 days since he has wanted the bottle! We are only using his for the continous feedings at night. Glad to hear Maryam is ok.