Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here is Maryam in a bonnet that Auntie Brande got for her. Actually, the bonnet, bottle and bib are all from Maryam's Auntie Brande. She looks ADORABLE in that bonnet, doesn't she?
Brett took this picture and I think its funny because it looks like she's looking at her belly, grabbing it and saying, "What's this? This is new." This pig is hysterical. Popop's boss' wife got it for her. It sings that silly song, "I'm too sexy" and then 'oinks' the second verse!
I took this picture for a few reasons. First off, she's putting weight on her left shoulder! This is the shoulder that her PT said was too weak and couldn't sustain her weight! Well, we've been doing the exercises she prescribed for a whole week now and its worked! And secondly, I think its cute that her hair is curly when its wet!
My camera batteries died shortly after I got to Sarah's house. So, most of the photos of the babies together were taken with Sarah's camera. I'll have her email me some good ones and I'll post them when I get them.
OH and GREAT NEWS! Charlie started crawling today!! Hooray for her! One whole day shy of her 6 month birthday! Hooray for Charlie Mae!
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