Tuesday, December 11, 2007

She can hear!!!

Hooray for Maryam! She had another hearing exam today and this time, she passed!!! Last time she wasn't quite mature enough to know that she's supposed to look in the direction of the sound that she's hearing. This time she reacted to all the sounds she heard! Hooray for Maryam! She passed! She won't need another hearing test for 6 to 8 months.
The plan for today was to go to the apt. in San Diego, then go to Sarah and Scott's house in Lake Elsinore because Maryam has another apt. in San Diego on Thursday. BUT, Charlie Mae is sick! She has a cold and we don't want to expose Maryam. So, we'll have to go back down to San Diego on Thursday morning for her Preemie Follow up Apt. BUMMER! That is a horrible 3 hour drive that NONE of us enjoy! Maryam still hasn't recovered from our trip this morning. 3 hours down, 3 hours back....she's a grumpis today!!!
I'll post photos tomorrow after I finally clean up the camera!
Oh and Happy Harry Potter Tuesday!!!
Oh and CONGRATULATIONS Jessica and Jarrod!!! They're engaged!!!

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kellars mommy said...

Congrats on passing the hearing test..I remember being so worried that Kellar wasn't hearing well at one time...
kellars mommy