Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sitting, swimming and playing!!!

Whoever said that hard work pays off, was right!! Maryam finally sat up on her own! I mean, she's more leaning than sitting, really, but it counts if you ask me!!!
Sarah, Scott and Charlie Mae came for a visit today! It was so much fun. The cousins played together and swam together and did a whole bunch of nothing together. It was great!
Brett and Scott spent about 5 hours in the pool this afternoon. So, Sarah and I decided to take the girls in for a little daddy and baby time in the later afternoon. Maryam almost fell asleep in her turtle. Charlie didn't like the water as much, but in her defense, the water was much cooler than it normally is and it was windy outside.

Yaya and her two grand babies! Aren't they so cute?
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Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all I love her red dress and the picture of the cousins were adorable. Charlie Mae is growing, she looks good. Maryam looks good too! Sorry the pediatrician didn't work out. Now what are you going to do? How is the oxygen going? Sounds like she will be off of it soon. She is growing! Glad the button is in and all is well. If she was crying so bad, she must of felt it all. What do these doctors know! Poor baby! Adrianna just had one bad experience at the docs and honestly , I dodn't know if I can ever get her back in there. So they do remember all! She was looking at all the pictures of Maryam and Charlie Mae the other day, and she just loves her little cousins and can't wait to meet them, hug them and kiss them all over. It was so cute watching her and listening to her comments about the pictures. She has a real kind heart! Well good luck on Tuesday with the oxygen count, sounds like you are getting closer to weening her off. Cool. Love you guys, Marietta

Anonymous said...

Hi! As always I love all the pictures. Your mom looks so happy with the girls in her arms. Hope things are going better. You take care. You have alittle charmer on you hands. Tell Sarah that Charlie Mae is so adorable. l
Love Anna